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Pushpa Impex Group is one of India's fastest growing global businesses in Handicrafts Home Textiles, Floor Covering Solutions & Home Decor items, Natural stones, Marble & Granite, Sandstone & Stone Blocks.

Pushpa Stone Impex is the leading exporter & manufacturer of Handicrafts Home Textiles and Natural stones. Our product range comprises of Handmade carpets, cotton Rug/Durries, Cushion cover, Door mat, Jute bags and other made ups items and Sandstone, Granite, Slate stone, Limestone, Marble & Quartzite. Pushpa Stone Impex has been in business since 1984. We have been supplying our products to various countries like USA, UK, South Korea, Japan, France, Australia, Middle East, Gulf sector and European Country etc. Our products are available in different sizes, thickness & various finishes like Natural, Sawn, Honed, Shotblasted, Flamed, Bush-hammered, tumbled, etc.

Skilled Instructors

Machinery/Technology used
Skilled Instructors :- Rajasthan stone industry has evolved into the following production and manufacturing categories:
► Blocks for monumental and building purposes.
► Processed stone for monuments and tombs.
► Sculpture and artefacts.
► Structural slabs.
► Calibrated modular tiles.
► Cobbles, cubes, curbs and landscape garden stone.

Machinery/Technology used :- Our stone-cutting units use modern technology like gang saw, and edge cutting machines. upgraded machinery including a large gang saw, line polishers, calibration machine and shot blasting.
► Gang saw machine: A gang saw is a type of power saw that makes several cuts simultaneously in the stone. Typically, a gang saw operates as a saw and conveyor, pulling stone across its blades to cut an entire section into planks with one pass. A gang saw machine makes 50 pieces in 1” or 1, 5 “thickness and approximately 5 hours to make 40 to 50 pieces.
► Edge cutting machine: Edge cutting machines are used to cut the edges of the stone slabs of desired thickness achieved in the previous process, into the required length and breadth. There are two types of edge cutting machines - single edge and double edge cutting machine.
► Crane: It is used to lift, load, unload, and move heavy stones from one place to another.
► Gen Set 60 HP: It is used to generate electricity. The capacity is around 60 HP.
► Line polishing machine: Calibration is used to make the surface of the stone flat, ensure the thickness is uniform, and improve the polishing efficiency and quality. This enables production of slabs of consistent thickness or dimensions with high precision. Overall, the product quality is enhanced with smooth accurate edges/surfaces and better finish. Calibrated stone slabs are generally preferred in export markets. Line polishing is used to polish the product and give a smooth finish. Generally, four head polishing machine is used. It gives high quality polish – mirror polish with high level of finishing.
► Shot blasting: Shot blasting releases metal pellets at a very high pressure generated by a compressor which dents the stone to provide a textured effect. Machines used in stone carving Various types of hand-held electric machines are used for stone carving like, chisels, electric drills, lathe machines, hand-held etching tools etc. The machinery and technology used by the cluster units is different depending upon the scale of operation, quality of raw material used, and market segment they cater to.
► Carving tools: Craving tools such as hammer, chisel etc. are used for carving stone carving articles.
► Drills: Drills are used to carve out fine folds in the stone.
► Lathe Machine: Lathe machines are used to make circular stone products.
► CNC Machine: CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control. It is a computerized manufacturing process in which pre-programmed software and code controls the movement of production equipment. Only the small units have upgraded machinery such as CN. Since, the cost of these machineries are usually high, most unit owners cannot afford to purchase them.

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